People care for what they know… and know what they are taught. By working with dozens of teachers and thousands of students, we are strengthening marine education, awareness and outreach in order to engage coastal communities in conservation. We also train local professionals, technicians, students and fishermen at field, thus fostering future generations of conservationists and promoting sustainable economic activities.

Marine education and Awareness

By creating and working with the “Marine Educators Network of Northern Peru”, we are connecting over 30 educational institutions and schools and sustainably strengthening teaching in marine education. Our large efforts with children and youth expect to reduce anthropogenic threats to coastal and marine environments in the next decades, time when most of our beneficiary students enter the economically active population.

Our education programs share environmental knowledge and reinforce values and positive attitudes for conservation. Education activities and awareness campaigns involve children, youth and adults and are always characterized by being dynamic and participatory

Technical training

By working with local park rangers, on-board fishing observers, representatives of public and private institutions and students, we build capacity of marine resource managers, contribute to adequate decision making and management in marine conservation.

We firmly believe in the value of local knowledge, and thus technical training activities are always undertaken, coordinated and developed together with contribution of local specialists.  

We are currently working with on-board fishing observers and park rangers of the Tumbes Mangrove Sanctuary in order to reinforce control of permitted size limits in fishing and resource extraction, as well as to prevent marine contamination. Through these joint efforts, we hope to achieve a reduction of un-sustainable fishing practices and a reduction of marine and coastal degradation in this region